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Basuki HTC

Basuki Smart Waste Solution is a pioneer in Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) technology. Basuki HTC technology is the most efficient technology to convert any organic waste into high value products.

  • BioCoal
  • HydroChar
  • Liquid Fertilizer


Basuki HTC is a wet process, meaning it is very suitable for biomass and organic municipal waste, with moisture content more than 60%. Our technology enables you to solve organic municipal waste challenges, and rejuvenate degraded soil.

Our HTC technology can convert biomass into high-value product, with up to 90% carbon efficiency, while pyrolysis and gasification would have 30% carbon efficiency and the conventional technology of composting would have 10% carbon efficiency. Converting organic waste into Soil Conditioner product (HydroChar) in 2 - 3 hours.

Our technology is environmental-friendly, cost efficient and scalable to your needs.

Intake Capacity (TPD) :

12, 24, 36

48, 96, 156,

192, 312, and in multiples



- Heating Value 5.423 kcal/kg. Sulfur Content, 0.1%

- Homogen and Stable, Easy to Store and Easy to Transport

- CO2-Neutral

- Non-Food New Reneweable Energy 



- Improve Soil Structure

- Promote Mikoriza and Root Growth

- Improve Cation-Exchange-Capacity (CEC)

- Increase Water Holding Capacity

- Increase Nutrient Holding Capacity

- Binds Heavy Metal

- Reduce Soil Erosion and Leaching


Giving back to nature.